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Save Our Farmhouse Cheeses

Since writing about the Courtyard Dairy a couple of weeks ago, there has been activity on the Twittersphere from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Joanna Blythman alerting us to the difficulties facing British farmhouse cheesemakers. The restaurant closures have meant that these small scale farmhouse cheesemakers have lost some of their most valuable customers almost overnight and are in danger of going out of business.

If you love cheese and value these small scale producers you can support them by buying their cheese online. Neals Yard Dairy and the Courtyard Dairy in Settle deliver nationwide. Neals Yard have put together a Save British Cheese selection box (£25) which sold out following Jamie’s Instagram appeal but it will be back and there are plenty of other British cheeses to buy on their website. Ditto Courtyard Dairy who have a Traditional British Selection of five classic British cheeses (£27.85). Please support traditional British cheesemaking to that they will still be there to enjoy when we get to the other side. Order for yourself or send to a friend as a gift and help safeguard British farmhouse cheeses.

The Courtyard Dairy

Neals Yard Dairy