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The Little Blue Kitchen

I was sitting, freezing, in my car this afternoon at Ogden Water (waiting for John Craven, as you do) when a cute little wagon turned up, a couple of lasses got out, pulled the sides up and hey presto! A snack bar! And not just a kettle and Nescafe, but a gleaming Italian espresso machine. I tell you, it was an oasis in a desert. Joanne Dickinson and Lucy Marks had had enough of London and decided to come home and do some sort of street catering. They fell on the idea of the coffee bus and today was only their second outing – Lucy’s going to bake, so the next time you see them you’ll be able to tuck into flapjack, cupcakes and lemon drizzle with your macchiato. They’re dedicated to local and sustainable, with delish coffee coming from Totally Locally at Dean Clough, and they’re researching using compostable paper cups. We love this sort of initiative and we’ll keep you posted with their progress.

Posted on 01 Feb 2013 by Jill

Categories: News