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The Good Food Guide Rises

In case you missed it, the Good Food Guide has been saved. In 2021 the latest owners Waitrose, announced they were ceasing publication and after 70 continuous years in production, it was a blow to committed restaurateurs and diners alike who respected the GFG for its honesty and independence.

Now it has been bought by Code Hospitality. Never heard of them? Nor had we. They run a lively subscription website for the hospitality industry with features about food and travel, members discounts and job vacancies.

This is all good news for GFG fans because it means Code will be publishing online giving the Guide a bigger and better presence and opening it up to new readers. 

We are told that from May onwards there will be new reviews with restaurants added as they are inspected.

There is also a weekly newsletter we think is worth subscribing to. It gives recent openings, topical features and a look back through the archives highlighting an iconic restaurant each week. There is also space to submit your own review.

The newsletter comes out every Wednesday. We know you love to eat out or you wouldn’t be here, so to support this new era of the Good Food Guide, we ask you to subscribe too. then pass the link on to your friends.

The Good Food Guide


Posted on 12 Feb 2022 by Jill

Categories: News