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Teacup & Cakes

We’ve been over the other side again, and this one is a dilly. Manchester’s Northern Quarter is so cool it’s sub zero, with a vintage shop every few yards, the iconic Richard Goodall Gallery (I simply cannot pass this shop, I go in, I drool) and bang next to it, this ‘New York Loft’ style caff, populated by the Manc. Media Hipsters complete with interesting hairdos. More importantly, it’s also chock full of fab cakes and the coffee is magnificent. They do cracking breakfasts too; eggs any number of ways, bagels and tea cakes, and later in the day move to the likes of bangers and mash and falafel. I picked up a flyer advertising their latest addition; ‘It’s time to make room for faggots! Some people call them koftas, but we’re settled on meatballs’.

Local (and international) DJ Mr Scruff is the brains behind the venture, and his chilled tunes are the soundtrack to your cuppa. The cute and quirky packaging (‘make us a brew!’) on his tea boxes is good enough reason alone to buy them – they look great in the kitchen – but the flavour is a bit good too. Check out the chilli & mint – puts a spring in your step.

Teacup and Cakes, 53-55 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA T: 0161 832 3233  www.teacupandcakes.com