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Salt’s Mill

It’s never a fag to take mum out; she’s always cheerful and appreciative. So no effort at all to trazz over to Saltaire on a sunny Mother’s Day – everyone else seems to think so too! Families wander happily round the village, kids are playing footie in the park and there’s a queue on the towpath for ice cream by the Walls barge.

In Salts Mill, the  Diner’s pretty full by 12; the clatter of heels on flags the familiar backdrop. The acoustics in here are challenging, but it adds to the buzz. Model-like youth waiting tables move sweetly through the room; someone’s been training, it was never this efficient! One of the specials today is poached salmon with crisp leaves and rye bread – a sweet, substantial plate full and a snip at a tenner. A dish of chilli flecked hummous and warm pitta bread at £3.25 does the trick too; good coffee and a huge slab of carrot cake with fat frosting and two forks a sweet finish.

Is it possible to go to the uber cool ‘Home’ shop and not spend? I lingered too long by the fabulously retro Ercol Studio Couch at £2500, but after one of mum’s old fashioned looks, slunk away with possibly the cheapest item in the room, a cute ceramic ice cream scoop at £1.25.

Posted on 07 Apr 2011 by Mandy

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