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Prashad, One of Ramsay’s Best

Another glowing review for Bradford’s Prashad in the Yorkshire Post on Saturday following hard on the heels of them reaching the finals of  Channel 4’s Ramsay’s Best Restaurant 2010. In fact three of the last four were from the region with Sheffield’s Milestone and Winteringham Fields also just missing out on the podium. But talk about the impossibility of comparing apples and oranges?

Another thing. I can’t see the Winteringham Fields of the Germain and Annie Schwab heyday deigning to enter a competition which while it gave welcome publicity to the participants was first and foremost the next Ramsay vehicle and had nothing to do with finding the best restaurant in Britain. Admirable as the Milestone is in many ways, the notion of its kitchen being the best in Yorkshire let alone Britain is a joke. That hasn’t stopped them opening another. They’ve acquired the lease on the old Wig and Pen building in Campo Lane and Paradise Square, and plan a  Milestone 2 opening in the new year.

Talking to a longstanding aficionado of Prashad the other day he confirmed that 1) its success has not gone to the kitchen’s head and that it’s as good as ever but 2) the prices have inflated fast. Still, he says that he gets billed at the old rates because of his loyalty before it became famous. Not sure I like separate tariffs any more than I like separate menus in Chinese restaurants but in this case, well, respect.