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Pextenement Cheese Offer

Mandy has long championed Pextenement cheese, it’s made just down the lane from her house in the Pennines. You can read all about it here. Cheesemakers are having a hard time under lockdown. Animals continue to produce milk so cheesemaking has to go on regardless. With restaurants shut, small cheesemakers like Pextenement are left with more cheese than they can sell. You can best support them and help keep them afloat by buying their cheese.

Pextenement’s lovely fresh brie style Pexommier – cows milk, pasteurised and organic – is on special offer until the end of the month. It’s usually £6.50 a round, but they are offering two for a fiver or three for £6.50. You can buy it online here and if you live locally, (Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Littleborough and Bacup) delivery is free, otherwise it can be sent by mail within two days.

Posted on 23 Jun 2020 by Jill

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