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Penny’s Puds

Pens PudsWe’ve mentioned Penny Ward’s fabulous puddings before and we’re always looking for another reason to give her a plug – well we’ve got two! Her sticky toffee puds have been a runaway success (none other than the classy Chatsworth Farm Shop stocks them, along with numerous other Derbyshire outlets) and now she’s added toffee apple and double chocolate. There are few things more gratifying than a parcel from Penny landing on the doorstep and we couldn’t wait to get our chops round these beauties. A minute in the microwave is all it takes. Result? The double choc is, well let’s put it this way. Mr Wonka would kill for it. I’m not a chocoholic but I am a pushover for toffee so fell on it like a starving man. Two words: utterly divine; just the right amount of sweet, sticky ooze, light-as-angel’s-wings sponge and the apple providing a tiny bit of sharpness. We’re shameless in our enthusiasm for them, they’re so good – and GLUTEN FREE. Which is to say that you don’t miss anything if you’re not wheat-intolerant, but you won’t collapse in a heap if you are. Buy them online and send them to all your friends for their birthdays (forget flowers or a spa voucher) they’ll love you for ever.