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My Dining Hell

‘I’d love your job’ It’s the most common come-back when you tell someone  you review restaurants for a living. You won’t believe it, but it’s not all fun. Of course it doesn’t compare to real jobs like digging roads, trawler fishing or coal mining, but honestly you do have some really crap food experiences.

GFW 002

Mandy hogging the camera as usual, leaving Jay Rayner in the shade!

Not as many it seems as Jay Rayner, who has made a one man show – My Dining Hell – out of the bad meals he’s eaten in his 12 year career as a restaurant critic for the Observer. He’s asked us for a shout-out and we’re happy to oblige, it sounds fun and we might pick up a few tips. We’ve been asked to talk to Staithes W. I. next year. Not in the same league, I grant you.

If you fancy listening to some of Rayner’s most waspish reviews and in turn some of the worst reviews he’s received, then book  for his show at The Forum, Northallerton this Saturday, 12 September at 7.30pm £12. Book here