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More than tea & cake at T&Cake?

Stephen JacksonWe wondered how long it would be before Stephen Jackson dusted off his whites. A man with this amount of talent, energy, creativity and curiosity would be satisfied serving mushrooms on toast (brilliant though they are) for a limited time. With his wife Tracy he ran the Weavers Shed in Golcar for a couple of decades then decided to step away and enjoy the freedom; ergo the cool, stylish caff in Almondbury. But he can’t help himself. He’s seen what’s happening around him (with a couple of notable exceptions “Neaversons and the brilliant Erics“) and thought ‘Hmm. I could do this blindfold with one arm tied behind my back ..’ So it’s finally got to him; he’s intent on getting his cheffy rocks off. So, a series of nights, ‘The Odd Dinner’ at T&Cake’ with a grown-up menu. The first is on 20 July and from there, who knows? Only one way to find out … call Chef Jackson on 01484 430005 or tweet @TandCakeCafe