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Leeds Indie Food 2018

If you’re a Masterchef fan you will have relished the young Teesside lad putting a Middlesbrough Parmo in front of the gobsmacked judges – you know a Parmo right? The fried, breaded chicken breast, topped with béchamel sauce and melted orange cheese. But who knew that Australia also has the very similar Parma? Parmo versus Parma go head to head at Leeds Indie Food Festival (10-28 May) though sadly this event is already sold out. Never mind, there are lots of other great sounding events celebrating the independent bars and restaurants across the city.

The Reliance will be ‘Cooking the Books’, creating a specials board from three classic cookery books. Latitude wines will be collaborating with Laynes Espresso in a food and wine matching event. There’s a secret Persian supper club, a five course supper from the Junk Food Project, new wave charcuterie, a vegan Mexican feast and loads more. Sign up now for the LIF passport for discounts and priority booking.