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James Martin

Celebrity chef  and professional Yorkshireman James Martin let slip at Harrogate’s ‘Love Cooking’ show at the weekend, that he is about to open a restaurant in Leeds in the new year. Can’t wait.

I have to admit to little affection for the macho maestro ever since he used my kitchen in one of his programmes. The TV production company wanted to film in a  kitchen close to York city centre so that  Martin could nip out to ask York shoppers to sample his puddings.

He didn’t endear himself to me when standing in the borrowed kitchen he couldn’t even muster a polite ‘good morning’ to his host. To add further insult, the film crew managed to drop sticky toffee pudding on the carpet and leave without mentioning it.  Only when challenged did they finally own up and pay for the stain removal.

To cap it all, when the programme went out, the lovely James uttered the words: ‘Here I am in my dad’s kitchen’. My arse –  as Jim Royle would say.

Posted on 09 Dec 2010 by Jill

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