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Great Yorkshire Pudding Challenge

They say only a native of Yorkshire can make a proper Yorkshire pudding. What do you think? Are your ‘Yorkshire’s’ the real deal? Could you show the professionals a thing or two?

On Saturday 10th September, The Cooking School at Dean Clough in Halifax is holding the Great Yorkshire Pudding Challenge where chefs from four corners of Yorkshire will take on all-comers to find the best Yorkshire pudding in Britain.

Amateurs are invited to go head to head with the regions top chefs. Tim Bilton of the Great British Menu and The Butchers Arms at Hepworth will represent west Yorkshire; Stephanie Moon of the Great British Menu and Rudding Park, the north of the county and from east Yorkshire Ben Cox from the Star at Sancton. A south Yorkshire chef is still to be announced.

Of course we wouldn’t be urging you to take part so enthusiastically if Squidbeak didn’t have an interest in the challenge. That’s because Mandy and I are judges along with Yorkshire pudding expert and author of ‘The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding’, Elaine Lemm.

The challenge is open to anyone anywhere. Jane Grigson remembers a similar competition that was won jointly by a Chinese restaurateur and a Londoner who’d never been north of Watford. So if your family reckon your Yorkshire puddings are the best, then dig out that whisk and take on Yorkshire’s best chefs. You might just be crowned the best Yorkshire Pudding chef in Britain.

For more information and to enter the Great Yorkshire Pudding Challenge, log onto the Cooking School website www.thecookingschool.co.uk. Closing date 2nd September. [Jill]

Posted on 02 Aug 2011 by Jill

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