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Good news for Fox & Hound

Fox_and_HoundsGreat news for those of us who are fans of the Fox & Hounds at Goldsborough –  they are staying put after all.


In case you missed our blog in the summer the story goes that the F & H had a rent review from their landlords, the Mulgrave Estate, that apparently left them with no alternative but to move elsewhere.


Or so we thought. Sue and Jason looked hard at possible alternatives and nothing quite matched their cosy bolthole on the clifftop north west of Whitby.


(And to the clever sod who wrote in to tell me that I should have said west not north of Whitby since north would land me in the sea, I say that if you headed out west of Whitby you’d miss Goldsborough, too. Have a look at a map of England and I think you’ll know which side of Whitby is understood to be north. Short of compass bearings, can we settle on north west?).


Anyway,  the idea of uprooting hearth, home and children at school was too much in the end, so they decided to bite the Mulgrave bullet and stay put. Not that you’d know it since they’ve taken their website down.


So, you’ll just have to find them via Squidbeak. It’s well worth it. It’s always been fabulous. And most of you will find it without driving into the North Sea.