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Feversham Arms Speak

We’re very pleased to learn that hoteliers and restaurateurs read Squidbeak and take note. No sooner had our blog appeared this week asking why the Feversham Arms weren’t talking to us than we took a phone call from the General Manager himself.

Andrew Jamieson, who joined the Fev from Helmsley’s Black Swan in November, explained he would like to clarify things. Yes, he said, Simon Kelly was still head chef. Which is good news since we hold his cooking in high regard.  There had been some new appointments including Antoine, the restaurant manager who comes from a three Michelin star establishment in France. He couldn’t explain why the PR people had been so evasive, nor why their new marketing manager had not responded. So, Squidbeak are glad to hear that all is well at the Feversham and thank Mr Jamieson for  the clarification.

And, at the risk of being pedantic, the Fev wasn’t owned by Simon Rhatigan, as I wrote. It was owned by his wife.

Posted on 14 Feb 2012 by Jill

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