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For a bit of inspiration during lockdown I’ve been following some of the chefs who are recording cookery demonstrations from their home. Not only do you get some good tips, but you get a peep into celebrity kitchens.  Jason Atherton’s is sleek and stainless while Jamie Oliver’s kitchen looks like a characterful old dairy, 

Jamie’s Keep Cooking and Carry On is my favourite, aired every evening on All 4 and on IGTV. He’s a great communicator, uses ingredients you might have at the back of the cupboard and shows you how to eek out those veg you’ve found going floppy in the bottom of the fridge. It’s shot by his wife Jules on an iphone with his kids running in and out and rather sweetly doing their own demonstrations from time to time. 

A bit more advanced is Jason Atherton’s Kitchen Social Isolation.  He does a daily video suitable for home cooking like his delicious burger or a cous cous salad. Friday is ‘date night’ where he goes a bit posh with the likes of scallops and asparagus. 

I’ve great respect for Riverford (pic), the organic box delivery company. Their Veg Hacks on Facebook and IGTV show lots of delicious ways to use vegetables. 

I’ve been getting deliveries from Delifresh, the Bradford based company who until lockdown, supplied the restaurant trade with supplies. Now they have opened their deliveries up to us and it’s been so successful they have decided to make it a permanent fixture. Their resident chef Robert Ramsden creates some easy dishes on his Family Cook Along accessed via the Delifresh Facebook page. 

Posted on 16 May 2020 by Jill

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