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Arzak: Lost in Translation

I came across this Spanish recipe on the Guild of Food Writers forum. Interesting, but I suggest you don’t try this recipe at home.

It came in a pamphlet of chef’s recipes from around the world published by a magazine called, Executive Chef with the added reassurance of a Sainsbury’s logo on the front cover and distributed a few months ago with the Guardian.

Arzak is San Sebastian’s famous 3 Michelin starred restaurant, where Juan Mari Arzak cooks ‘new Basque cuisine’ which is either fabulous or disappointing depending on who you read on Tripadvisor.

Here is an extract from the recipe Pretty in Bonfire of Grudges:

“To cut the back of pretty in rectangles (2 you unite. to/per.). One of the rectangles will have to be something greater than the other. To ripen, to give point of jengibre to grease the gravy and to pass it through the plate leaving the substantial back.”

It has of course lost a great deal in translation. Mangled by one of those web translators and published unchecked.

Even Arzak is not this Squidbeakish.