Yorkshire's Independent Restaurant Guide

Anyone for Tiffin?

There are no shortage of caffs in Robin Hoods Bay but we urge you to head for Tiffin (on the right just before you hit the sea) for a great cup of coffee and some serious cake. Sabina Warricker’s but a slip of a girl but she’s got a good business head on her and she can’t half bake too. It’s a tiny space but she exploits it well with a couple of tables and a funky bench along one wall; there are mags and newspapers to pour over whilst she makes you an excellent Yorkshire ham, cheddar and chutney sandwich and a damn fine double espresso. Marble cake is moist and massive and her lemon drizzle one of the best (and we know a lot about LD cake ..) If you’ve had an early/chaotic start and have failed to make the obligatory picnic for hungry kids she does a great lunchbox to take onto the beach. Neat idea.