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Food Swap

What about this for an idea? If you’ve made too much jam or chutney or have a glut of rhubarb or onions, you meet with others with a similar over-supply and swap. The idea started in the States and has now reached the UK and happily a group called Apples for Eggs has set up in York.

They are holding their first exchange on Saturday at Ambience the little café on Gillygate between 4pm-6pm. So anything you’ve grown, raised, produced or baked yourself can be swapped. No money changes hands, you just arrive with your stuff, set it out, complete ‘swap cards’ have a look around and when the exchange begins, you negotiate your swap. Obviously the more you take along, the more you take home. You need to register if you are a swapper.  It’s all explained here:  applesforeggsyork. Sounds like a great idea to us. If you go, let us know how you get on.


Posted on 05 Oct 2012 by Jill

Categories: Events