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School Dinners

Did you read the story in the Guardian on Saturday about nine year old Martha Payne who as a school writing exercise, began blogging then photographing her school dinners in NeverSeconds? She writes beautifully about her meals,  describing them,  both good and bad and marking them for taste and nutrition. Within a week her web had gone viral and Martha had raised £2000 for the charity Mary’s Meals which sets up feeding projects in areas of hunger and poverty.

Then suddenly last week Martha  was taken out of her maths lesson and called before the head teacher to be told that Argyll & Bute Council had banned photography in the school dining room effectively banning her blog. It was a crass move by the council and only served to raise NeverSeconds viewing figures even more. Now the Council has been forced to make  an embarrassing climb down and have agreed that Martha can continue with her blog which has now risen to 3million views and raised £45,000 for Mary’s Meals. What a star.