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Brasserie Blanc, Leeds

A Leeds restaurant tucked away in Sovereign Street in amongst the giant law firms, in what old Leodians will remember as Leodis, is Brasserie Blanc. It may be part of a chain (which normally raises Squidbeak’s hackles)  but it’s well worth the effort for the stunning setting and good value dining.

The huge regenerated old mill down by the Aire has sturdy rustic brick walls, a vaulted ceiling, acres of wood flooring and the industrial iron pillars that run the length of the room, add the Blanc set dressing – rustic tables, a variety of cool seating, warmed up with grey banquettes, the shining cutlery and glassware –  and Brasserie Blanc looks far more glitzy and expensive than it actually is.

The menu is less French bistro and more world food, but you can still order steaming bowls of moules, or snails in garlic butter, and rump steak and frites.  With that you’ve got yourself a cracking good value meal in a spectacular setting.

Brasserie Blanc

4 The Embankment, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BJ

4 The Embankment, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BJ

0113 200 6060


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2 out of 5 price guide

Area: Leeds

Reviewed by Jill on 12 Oct 2011

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