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If you are a Squidbeak regular you will know we are done with the small-plate phenomenon: tiny portions on a side plate that come out ‘as and when they are ready’.

A recent meal at Mr. P’s found two of us dining separately when the small plates came out first for one of us and then the other. Take it in turns to eat. Not a recipe for sociable dining. But I am willing to make an exception for Skosh when the dishes are this good.  

First some background. Skosh is the brainchild of Neil Bentinck, former head chef of Van Zeller’s in Harrogate who opened on York’s Micklegate in August with a hipsterish young team he rounded up from Van Zeller’s when it closed.

The name comes from the Japanese ‘sukoshi’ meaning little or small amount. It’s no one cuisine but Bentinck takes his influences from India, Japan, the Middle East, all over. You need three or four dishes each to make up a decent meal.

Prices vary from £2.90 for hen egg with leek potato and truffle to £13.50 for roast pheasant, powa crust, spiced parsnip, prune and smoked tea. Powa crust? The chefs are not the only hipsterish thing round here. The menu sings with modish ingredients like passion fruit and miso; kohlrabi and pakora scraps; bergamot and tarragon.

It would be tedious to talk through every dish they are too numerous and ever changing. Trust me when I tell you that the wild sea trout cured in molasses and topped with cubes of marshmallow, sprinkled with peanuts and a squirt of lime, was divine. Trust me when I say that the hake with cauliflower was my best dish or that my favourite pudding was the chocolate mousse with fennel ice cream and black olive sauce. I know. Best advice: take a pin and stick it in the menu four times and see what turns up. You won’t be disappointed.  This is refined, skilled and original cooking and it leaps into our Top Ten. 


98 Micklegate, York YO1 6JX

Tel 01904 634849

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Type: Restaurant

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4 out of 5

Cuisine type: Modern British

Skosh features in our Top Ten Favourites

Part of Eat Beyond Yorkshire

Review by Jill, 19 January 2017

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