Bear cafe-bar Todmorden

In the relatively recent past this place was too much of a hippy hangout for my taste - I found the whiff of patchouli and flash of tie dye offputting. Not only is it safe to approach it since Rhian Warhurst moved in, we absolutely insist that you do. An enterprising young woman with vision and energy, Rhian recognised that a re-boot was in order and did just that.  

The cafe is above the fab food shop in the stunning Victorian Co-operative building, all etched glass, black and white harlequin tiled floor, burnished oak floors and over the counter, a wonderful old found photo of the Klufas family who ran the shop as a Ukranian deli in the 60s. Jewelled jars of spices line the floor to ceiling original shelving, vats of olive oil (and stoppered bottles for you to fill your own), handmade chocolates and bags of every type of organic flour delay your journey up the wide wooden stairs to the light-filled caff.

Oh, did I mention the food is vegetarian? There are a number of chefs I could name who could learn a thing or two about treating non-meaters with respect, by serving up food like this. A glance under the glass counter will find you spoilt for choice; croque monsieur, frittata, Spanish potato bread with goat's cheese, beetroot and ginger wraps .. you get the picture. The mezze boards are a wonder - the Lebanese latke board especially, with dolmades, cous cous and hummus with pomegranate syrup. Check the board for daily specials BUT LEAVE ROOM FOR CAKE. All the papers are present and nobody's going to hurry you. 

Bear cafe-bar

29 Rochdale Road, Todmorden, OL14 7LA

Tel 01706 433606

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Type: Cafe

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2 out of 5

Cuisine type: Vegetarian

Part of Eat West Yorkshire

Review by Mandy, 31 May 2015

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