Manor House Richmond

OK, so let's say you've got seriously cool friends who live in a proper manor house full of chic painted furniture, flagged floors, monumental fireplaces and massive vases of lilies. Oh, and a collection of original Elvis photos in the hall. Rock and roll!

With just the small business of money changing hands, you can come here for a night or two and pretend. Hell but this is a gorgeous house, the kind of place location scouts dream of. The grand entrance hall makes you want to sweep through it (whatever that is) light the candles in glass sconces and gently close the tall shuttered windows against the night.

Your delish breakfast is served on the antique oak round table in here; local bacon, tomatoes from the garden and eggs from the hens. All the above plus the sweetest bedroom with lovely linen, antique furniture sitting alongside flea market finds, and a bathroom straight out of a French film set. Your hostess Annabel is captivating; pretty in a boho-hippy chick sort of way, friendly, laid back and welcoming. If you like an elegantly chaotic vibe, this is the place for you.

How much? £90 per night

Kids Stuff? Not really - there's just the one double room

Well placed? 5 miles from Scotch Corner on the A1

Good grub? Annie will make you a simple, wholesome supper, or try Seasons restaurant/café at the newly refurbished Richmond station five miles down the road - it's a cinema and art gallery too.


Manor House

Middle St, Gayles, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL11 7JF

Tel 01833 621578

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Type: B&B

Part of Stay North Yorkshire

Review by Mandy, 15 November 2011

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